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SharePoint GetListItems and Complex Parameters

May 9, 2012 2 comments

In my previous article I showed how to connect to SharePoint web services using SOAP::Lite and how to easily pull a list of all collections on the site. Now we’ll dive a little bit deeper and look at how we can fetch items out of a list. For simple queries this is pretty easy but can become complicated if you need to include a lot of parameters. A lot of tutorials I’ve seen on this topic revert to sending raw XML as the parameter to get around the complexities of doing it in code. Personally, I think that’s a bad idea and just makes your code look horrible. I hope to demystify the problems with doing this in code for you here. Read more…

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SharePoint and NTLMv2 with SOAP::Lite

May 8, 2012 5 comments

In this article I will be presenting a mini-tutorial on how to integrate with SharePoint including NTLMv2 authentication using the Perl SOAP::Lite framework. This article is not a repeat of all the other tutorials you see on the Internet related to this topic.

When I first tried to get this complicated mess to work I was annoyed at the lack of good documentation on this subject. After scouring the Internet for information and doing my own painstakingly line-by-line debugging of the SOAP transport I finally got it all to work and understand the various steps required (or at least I think I do). Note: I only have experience with my organization’s SharePoint 2010 server and I can’t guarantee that the following will work with other configurations.

I’ll start by showing a full example of how to connect to the SharePoint web service and then I’ll walk through the code with you to explain how and why things are working. Read more…

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