Hi! My name is Jason and I decided to start a simple blog so I can share things that I found useful or interesting to the rest of the Inter-web. I’m a self-taught programmer/developer who has been tinkering with web development for well over 10 years. This blog will be mostly about Computer Science or technology related.

A word of warning; Undoubtedly, One of the first things anyone reading my blog will discover is that I am not an English major and my grammar is often not the best.

One of the biggest open source projects I’ve worked on in the last decade was my software called “PsychoStats” (the website is no longer live). This was a statistical software suite for the ever popular Counter-Strike game created by Valve. I worked on this project, almost entirely solo, for over 12 years and it was the bouncing board that catapulted my programming experience to where it is today.

My current expertise is in the following scripting languages: Perl, PHP and JavaScript (jQuery). I’ve also got some Python under my belt (but I don’t use it much lately). And of course I use HTML and CSS on a daily basis.

I will be updating this “About Me” page as the blog starts to take life, but for now this simple introduction will suffice.

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